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Team-Building and Dirt: What’s the Connection?

Corporate Meditation Rooms

I propose a twist on the oft-annoying and unproductive team-building retreat. Instead of meandering through a corn maze (ahem, which I have done), take your team on an outing that will really produce some change…through awareness.

Dig in the dirt. Get in there with your hands and on your knees. Plant small plants individually. Plant large shrubs and trees as a group. Dig. Pat. Shake. Rake. Mulch…make it pretty. Perfect for a service project, too. Donate the team’s time to a local Habitat® project.

My Living Office: A View from Paris


Hello from the Land of Design, aka Paris!

A Living Office is a high-performing workplace that delivers an elevated experience of work for people and helps organizations achieve their strategic goals. Herman Miller

When Should I Not Meditate?

Corporate Meditation Room

You’re fulfilling your resolution to meditate, so you set your phone to buzz every morning at 10:15. Great! However…

Let’s say you’re smack dab in the middle of writing bullets for next week’s presentation, the ideas are flowing, you’re in your groove, BUZZ (Alarm: Time to Meditate). DON’T MEDITATE! Don’t stop your flow, keep writing, meditate in an hour or at lunch. This is not procrastinating. Meditating is often used for stress reduction or clearing the mind, to improve relaxation, focus and productivity. But if you’re already in your zone of focus, creativity and productivity, DON’T STOP.