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A State of Digital ‘Un’Distraction

zen-stonesI spent Labor Day weekend in a state of forced digital ‘un’distraction. “Refrain from using cell phones in the spa. Please leave them in your locker.” Yikes. I didn’t remember that from last time. I considered the size of my robe pocket and how it would droop with a rectangular silhouette if I slipped it in on the sly. Uh-uh. I slumped away…digitally naked.

It was anxiety-inducing for a few minutes. My phone with its email chimes, calendar dongs and text chirps is at the ready 17-7 (24 hours minus 7 for sleep). The only other time I turn it off is to meditate for 15 minutes during daylight. I am ON. Except at the spa. But here’s what I learned…

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