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Algebra Affects You and This Is How

How does algebra help you? Hint: It has nothing to do with math.

Equation: X + Y = Z

The variables:

X = the positive you put in

Y = the negative you put in

Z = what you get out of life (at home, at work, at school, and everywhere in between)

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Nutrition in the New Year: It’s Not What You Think

Nutrition is such a big part of what we call wellness. We are obsessed with diet! But by now, most of us realize that there is not one recipe for good nutrition (pardon the pun). What works in one country, doesn’t work in others. One dietitian says eat mainly grains. Another says never eat grains. Many hail the benefits of a high-protein diet. Others say too much is bad. Eat vegetables but not the ones high in sugar. Last week Group X said drink 64 ounces of water. Next week Group Y will say drink when thirsty. Milk is bad. Milk is good. Red wine and chocolate have benefits, but not too much, not too often; probably better to just abstain. Our heads spin, and we rebel. We now have a new category of eating disorder: those obsessed with healthy eating, aka orthorexia nervosa.

We want to be healthy, and people tell us that we are what we eat. So what should we do?

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Thank You, Toilet

As November comes to a close, the season of thanks does not. Gratitude is healthy. Both empirical and anecdotal evidence supports this. Finding appreciation for things in your life is good for you mentally, emotionally, physically and socially.

Everyone has heard the anthem, “I’m grateful for my friends and family.” We need a little more. How about your toilet? We would be squatting behind a bush and wiping with leaves if we didn’t have toilets and toilet paper. Thank you! Thank you to the inventor of the toilet. Thank you to all of the people who for so many years only had nature or outhouses to relieve themselves. These are the people who desired something more and better, easier and cleaner. Enter the toilet, the bathroom, toilet paper, SOFT, non-abrasive toilet paper, automatic flushing…it gets better and better.

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