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Travel by Plane or Brain: Reap the Same Benefits

Corporate Meditation Rooms

I love to travel! I’m mindful 89% of my waking hours. I’m acutely observant of others….our differences and similarities. I’m more patient and accommodating. I’m more creative and in tune. I believe this is true of many of us when we travel…that we observe more, are more aware, more in sync, more thoughtful.

The Secret to Productivity while Working from Home

woman working from home laptopWorking from home? Don’t think you’re exempt from meditating. We working-from-home folks need it more than ever. The doorbell, the phone, the whiff of toast, or dog, scream for your attention distracting you from your memo (do people still write memos?).

Momentum is huge first thing in the morning. It wanes slightly as our stomach gurgles, desperate for nutrition, and plummets as the afternoon lull sets in. We have hours left before the kids burst through the door…prime working time. Good time to meditate. What?!