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The 411 on Walking Meditations

Let’s recap from last week’s Walking Meditation blog. Walking is good for you…mind and body; this we know. However, if you slow your brisk pace to a tip-toe and add some mindfulness, you’re closing in on an official Walking Meditation.

How To:

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The Walking Meditation: Take a Walk along the Seine

There’s something strangely powerful about walking meditations.

While walking along the Seine in Paris, I zoomed in on my feet and videoed myself teetering on the cobblestones. As you’ll see in the video, I’m walking way too fast for a walking meditation; but you will be drawn in by the movement and the sounds…just as I was. The meddlesome thoughts about your boss or your spouse will disappear as you take each step along with me. You’ll hear the captivating Notre Dame bells in the background and my tourist comrades’ voices fading in and out.



Grab your phone, or equally fun recording device, and make one for yourself and notice how transfixed you become.

**Check out our YouTube channel for more walking meditations.**