What do You Want in Your Meditation Room? Here’s Your Checklist

If you could have a space in your office building where you could go to relax for a few minutes each day, sit silently or listen to calming music, would you use it?

What kind of audio would you like…nature sounds, chimes, soft music (classical, jazz or chill out)?

  • Would you like to have a guided meditation option on audio?
  • Would you bring your own MP3 player and earbuds to the room?
  • Would you like the audio to be piped in to the room or have access to individual headphones?

Would you like to have a view with windows or a dimmer room with less distraction?

What kind of art or wall hangings would you like to see in this room?

Would you like a water feature?

What colors would you like to see in this room?

Would you like aromatherapy in the room? If so, what scent?

What kind of chairs would you like to sit in?

  • Would you prefer to sit in a chair or on a floor cushion?

How long would you spend in the room?

  • Would you use the space every day?
  • What time of day would you use it…morning, lunch, afternoon, after work?

What would you call it…meditation room, quiet room, silent room?

Do you think more males or more females would use this space?

How would your manager(s) respond to your taking 15 minutes to sit in this space every day?

  • Do you think it’s important that the company you work for offers a space like this one?
  • Do you think your company should offer time each day for meditation?

How do you think meditation can help you?

  • Do you have a meditation practice outside work? If so, where do you meditate, how often and for how long?
  • Would you like to learn how meditation can help you relax more, be more productive and creative at work?
  • Are you interested in taking a meditation class at work? If so, how many classes and how often?

Would you rather work for a company with a room like this or for a company without this kind of room?

Would you encourage others to use this room?

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