A vision of hope…

While I echo the sentiments in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech of equality for all, I, too, have a dream. I have a dream for wellness…a dream for wellness at work, a dream for wellness at home, a dream for wellness in schools.

I have a dream that work is a place where people thrive, where all employees are treated equally, where they are treated as people and not things.

I have a dream for schools where teachers and children are respected equally, where teachers have time to eat lunch and time to take breaks and children can move and laugh and learn at their own pace.

I have a dream that children at school and at home and employees at home and at work are encouraged and supported and appreciated.

I have a dream that employees and teachers and students work and learn in an environment with good lighting, natural light from windows, plants, abundant drinking water and one where they feel safe and free to take breaks outside during the day.

I have a dream where there are quiet spaces at work and in schools where employees can go to recharge.

I have a dream that children learn the power of quieting their minds.

I have a dream where movement is encouraged during the work and school day and where walking meetings and walking classrooms are standard.

This is my dream because I know that when we appreciate the good in each other, when we feel safe and free and valued, and when we move our bodies and quiet our minds, we thrive. And when we thrive, our schools thrive, our companies thrive and our communities thrive.

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