How to Combat Stress in the Short and Long Term

Tightness in your chest, pit in your stomach. Stress! Stress at work. Stress at home. What do you do?

Exercise? Eat better? Good long-term strategies.

What if it’s the middle of the workday and you’re on deadline. Head pounding. No time to go for a walk or to take a long, leisurely lunch break. Ignore the headache, stomachache, backache? Pop a pill?

Might work. At least short term.

What’s a strategy you could use for both the short and long run that doesn’t take a lot of time?

Meditation. If you’re tight and tense, close your eyes for a few minutes and just focus on your breathing. This works to relax your body and your mind both in the moment and, if you practice daily, long term.

So, you’ve decided to give it a try and you push back from your computer and breathe for a bit. Done. Scoot back. Headache’s still there. Close your eyes again for a few more minutes with the intention to relax, but this time, focus on taking deep breaths and tuning out and letting your surroundings blur. Tune back in and notice your renewed, relaxed focus.

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