My 365-Day Campaign of Thank Yous

Watching Shonda Rhimes on TED rekindled my dormant desire to write thank-you cards more often. So, I’m kickstarting my 365 days of thank-you-note writing. Here’s my first installment, a public thank you to the Thrift Shop man:

There’s a large, hulking man who works in the receiving area at our thrift shop. I see him all the time…perfectly polite, helpful, professional.
Yesterday, I stopped by to donate some things including one large bag of plastic hangers that NO ONE will take.
He sees me, doesn’t recognize me from Adam, motions me to a cart, “Put it there.”
I approach him with intention, “I will get rid of these hangers.”
“Can I give you these hangers?” (He’s said no in the past.)
“No, sorry.”
I physically fold over onto myself, my shoulders curl down and I whine, literally, “No one will take them.”
“Okay, we’ll sell them.”
“Only cuz you did that thing.” (Obviously, he meant my keen mimicry of my kids’ behavior.)
I drop my stuff and thank all the guys. And impulsively and almost embarrassingly but, in the end, proud, I say, “I love you for taking my hangers.”
I walk to the car and this 17-foot, heavy-duty man shouts, “We love you, too.”
I turn around, “See you soon” and we share a knowing smile.
Love and appreciation may, in fact, be the same emotion. And I appreciate you.

I hope you’ll join me in this endeavor. Imagine how just a few words of genuine thanks on text or even scratched on a napkin in a restaurant every day for the next year would change your days. Three hundred and sixty-five days sprinkled with a bit of appreciation…we ALL have time for this.

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