The Meditation Room: A Solid Design

meditation room with cushions  free imageWhat would a Meditation Room look like? There are myriad configurations and possibilities for how to create a serene, calming space in the office.

If the idea is to get away from the incessant stimuli of the workplace, then sound-proofing is key.

Next is privacy…who wants to close their eyes and relax in front of 300 people whizzing around. So walls, window coverings if necessary and doors are important.

Comfortable seating with chairs facing the front of the room with door in rear is ideal to minimize distraction from newcomers to the room.

Strategically placed dim lighting adds to the room’s tranquility.

Adorning the space minimally with art, rocks, a water feature and other soothing elements adds to its meditative appeal.

Soft music piped in is an option. An alternative to surround sound is individual headphones so the employees can choose between no noise, music and nature sounds.

Incorporating a scheduling system is vital to prevent overlap given the limited seating and space.

A managerial staff that encourages work-life balance helps tremendously.

There are countless nuances to designing an inviting quiet space, but the basics laid out above are solid bones from which to start.

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