Washing Dishes and Happiness at Work: Huh?

“Washing the dishes may be a convenient detox for overwrought minds, a study in the journal Mindfulness suggests. The study found that washing dishes mindfully—focusing on the smell of the soap, and the shape and feel of the dishes, for example—significantly reduced nervousness and increased mental stimulation in dishwashers compared with a control group.”

If mindfully washing dishes can reduce nervousness and increase mental stimulation, what can mindfulness at work do for you?

What if you

arrived at work thankful that you have a job (cuz some people don’t)

sat down at your computer and didn’t hop right in opening 20 files but noticed your chair (not how it creaks but how it supports you)

looked around the room and listened and watched just for a few seconds and took it all in…observing not judging

opened a document and remembered why what you’re working on is important for you, for the company, for the client

went to a meeting with the intent to listen and learn mainly (you’ll contribute but in a different way with a different understanding and a different appreciation)

took a few minutes throughout the day to, again, just look around and observe but not judge

ate lunch and only thought about your food and not about work

ended your day grateful for the day and the job and the work

What if you started even earlier and

stretched a little and took a few deep breaths before you sprang out of bed to throw on your clothes

smelled your coffee and enjoyed its robust flavor instead of inhaling it

looked out the window and noticed the weather minus the negative commentary

grabbed your bag and your keys and left slowly for work instead of hurling your stuff in the car

Imagine if you continued this pattern for several days, several weeks, how your life would change…not just at work but in every area in your life.

Noticing instead of judging. Walking through the day with awareness instead of in a blur.


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