“Humbug” You Say?

Your tinsel doesn’t twinkle. Your snow doesn’t glisten. Your santa doesn’t jingle. Humbug is your go-to quip.

Hark, there’s hope!

If your annual Scrooge is workin’ for you, then keep it up! But if you want to feel better, here’s how:

Wake up, sip your cocoa and head out the door with jingle bells in tow. Today is a new day. And “Thank You” is your new phrase. Memorize it. Stick it in your pocket. Pull it out at every hint of Grinch squirt.

A bell rings at every door and cash register asking for donations. Not in the mood to dole out? Instead squeeze out a smile and say “thank you.”

A coworker shoots you an email to contribute to the hustle and bustle fund? Email back, “thank you,” and then decide if you’ll chip in with green or with a “but no thank you, maybe next year.”

A package of coal lands on your desk from your favorite love-to-hate comrade in HR, “thank you.”

You get the gist. Make your own list, fill in the blanks with “thank you.”

Am I idealistic? Yep, yep.

Is being a Grinch a choice? Yep, yep.

You choose.

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