In the interim…

While we’re waiting on the official start to the New Year, let’s write three things:

  • what we want from 2015
  • why we want it and
  • how we’re going to get it


What do I want?

I want to be more productive. (Too broad. Start again.) I want to spend two hours of focused, uninterrupted time each Monday morning writing my book.

Why do I want this?

I enjoy writing. Writing brings me a sense of relief and accomplishment. I want readers to derive pleasure from what I write.

How am I going to make this happen?

I am going to block 10am – 12 pm on my calendar each Monday morning. Every Sunday night, I will spend a few minutes envisioning sitting at the computer and steadfastly typing. At 9:55am on Monday morning, I will sit for a few minutes and remember WHY blocking this time to write is important to me (see above). At 10a, I will open my Word document (or Mac alternative), take a few relaxing breaths and type until noon, at which time I will obediently close my application and look forward to the following Monday.

Use this three-step process for each of your resolutions, refer to them weekly (not just in January), relax and watch as your desires materialize.

Here’s to a 2015 full of fulfilled desires!

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