You’re in a Rut. How Do You Get Out?

You’re sitting at your desk at work or school and cannot move forward on your project. Or maybe this is an ongoing thing with you lately.

When you’re super focused and determined to “get this done” or “stick with it,” what you really need is distance. Do something different from your norm. You may need physical and mental distance. If so, go to a new art exhibit at a local gallery. Go to a wine tasting or an interactive cooking class. Watch an airshow.

Or maybe you just need fresh eyes in your own craft. Even going to a trade show in your field can fuel your creative juices.

Often, though, all we need is mental distance. This is when mindfulness and meditation can be effective.

Take a meditative walk in a remote place on campus or outside the office. Walk slowly. Listen to the chirping and rustling and crunching. Breathe deeply. Notice the arid or humid air on your skin. Walk and feel and breathe.

If you have a meditation room at work or at school, head there. Grab some headphones and sit in a cushy chair and zone out.

Come back to your workstation anew.

Sometimes we need short breaks and other times long to see our job or project as “new.”

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