Are Smart Drugs the Answer for You?

Want a competitive edge? Want a boost of energy, enhanced focus and productivity, stamina and clarity? Smart drugs may be the answer. Or maybe not…

Smart drugs are taking the tech and startup scene by storm. No longer are these nootropics a whisper; they are front and center and pushers promise to give you a leg up.

For now, I’m not going to weigh in on the topic except to say there’s something even better.

Meditation. Quieting the mind. Silencing thought.

Research on meditation continues to support the same promises as those for smart drugs: providing a competitive advantage, boosting energy, focus, productivity, stamina and clarity…and many go so far as to say meditation boosts compassion and empathy (emotional intelligence which is important in relationships…aren’t we all in relationship with others, business and personal).

The advantage to meditation is that IT’S FREE! It’s also generally recognized as safe (GRAS). The side effects are positive (see above). It does not cause harm to internal organs. You can’t run out of it. You can do it anywhere. It’s complementary, meaning you can meditate AND take the smart drugs if you’re hellbent on doing so.

Here’s the Perfect Daily Cocktail for a competitive advantage:

Drink water

Exercise 15 minutes

Harness your energy into your task for 45 minutes

Drink water

Stand up, stretch

Meditate 15 minutes

Channel your focus into your next task 45 minutes

Drink water + Eat a whole-foods-rich snack

Walk to a window or go outside, zone out 5 minutes

Next task 45 minutes

Repeat steps throughout the day

Breathe deeply during task mode

Unplug while in task mode and meditating

Find things to appreciate

And remind yourself everyday why you are passionate about your product or service to begin with.

Now, you have a real competitive advantage!

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