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How to Combat Stress in the Short and Long Term

Tightness in your chest, pit in your stomach. Stress! Stress at work. Stress at home. What do you do?

Exercise? Eat better? Good long-term strategies.

What if it’s the middle of the workday and you’re on deadline. Head pounding. No time to go for a walk or to take a long, leisurely lunch break. Ignore the headache, stomachache, backache? Pop a pill?

Might work. At least short term.

What’s a strategy you could use for both the short and long run that doesn’t take a lot of time?

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What Does Meditating at Work Look Like?

Despite what you may think, you can meditate anywhere anytime. But in case you need a visual tour…

corporate meditation rooms

You could meditate on top of your conference room table (but let’s get real).

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Why Meditate at Work?

Business woman meditating on desk

Why should we meditate at work? To refresh. To energize. To rejuvenate. To clarify. How does meditation bring clarity or energy? Meditation helps quiet the mind.

Often, we’re at work and plugging away at an issue. We think if we just push through, a solution will come. We can’t see the solution because we’re stuck in the problem. We’re furiously working on our issue and a coworker pops in and asks for input on their project. Our cell vibrates (we were smart enough to at least turn the ringer off). The email icon illuminates, indicating three new emails in addition to the 162 we have yet to read

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