The A-Zs on Making the Most of Your Meditation Room

The possibilities are endless on how to create a serene, calming space for your employees. But this is a good start…

A Air Quality – Use products with low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

B Bring paraphernalia – If you or your employees have your own headphones, MP3 player or icon you like to use, bring it. Be respectful of the noise level and display of icons.

C Clean – Talk with your janitorial staff and facilities management about how often you want your Meditation Room cleaned.

D Disabilities – Follow ADA guidelines in renovating or building your Meditation Room to accommodate all of your staff.

E Encourage – Encourage your staff to use their  Meditation Room…it’s not going to be very beneficial to have a beautifully renovated space with no one in it.

F Financial – Make your Meditation Room an inviting space for your staff to the maximum extent of your budget.

G Green – Use as many products as possible in your Meditation Room that are sustainable and from renewable resources. Employing lean design, thus reducing waste, is a plus.

H Headphones – Invest in noise-canceling headphones that your staff can borrow each time they use the Meditation Room. Remember to stock your room with wipes to clean the headphones before and after use.

I Involve the staff – Poll your employees…what would they like to see in a Meditation Room?

J Join in – Your staff needs to see that management also values quiet time and decompressing.

K Kickstart – Have a ribbon-cutting ceremony or some other small celebration that brings attention to your new Meditation Room.

L Lighting – Does the sun blast through the windows at certain times of the day? Is the room dark and needs a variety lighting…recessed cans, pendant lamps and sconces?

M Maintainenance – For the space to be used, it needs to be maintained properly and often, not just cleaned, this is especially true if living plants and water features are used.

N Nature – Connect with nature. Allow a space for windows and skylights or incorporate an open-air feature when possible. Bring in plants if lighting is adequate and horticultural care is available. Install a water feature. Hang artwork reminiscent of nature.

O Open-minded – Leave judgment at the door. Everyone will use the Meditation Room differently. Some will focus on an object with eyes open while others will sit cross-legged, eyes closed listening to soft music.

P Privacy – A buzzword these days. With the proliferation of open workspaces, employees need privacy. If your office is not suited for a Meditation Room with four walls, then incorporate moveable walls or other movable structures on the market that foster a sense of privacy.

Q Quiet – Sound-proofing is vital. Use carpet or cork flooring that absorbs sound. Use wall and window covering to absorb sound or invest in the myriad sound-absorptive products and technologies available on the market.

R Rear – Place the entry to the Meditation Room in the rear to avoid disturbing those already there.

S Sound – Have choices in audio. Install a sound system that allows your staff to choose from nature sounds, classical music, a guided meditation or other calming sounds.

T Teach – Teach your staff about the benefits of meditation and why your company thinks it’s important to incorporate quiet spaces in your office.

U Utilitarian – Your Meditation Room needs to be functional for it to be beneficial. Click here for Meditation Room Design 101.

V Ventilation – Ensure that your HVAC is properly maintained in your Meditation Room…a cold, hot, dry or humid space is not inviting.

W Windows – Adjust the room based on the windows. During the winter, the room may be cold, during the summer…hot. Depending on their placement, the windows may need translucent covering.

X Xeriscaping for indoors – Consider using earthy embellishments in your Meditation Room like rocks, driftwood and bowls of sand.  Use plants that need less water instead of those that require extensive watering.

Y Yawn – Your Meditation Room is not a place for napping. You and your employees may feel so relaxed that you or they nod off, but the Meditation Room is not a nap room.

Z Zen – Create a peaceful atmosphere in your Meditation Room so as employees walk in, they immediately feel a sense of calm.

Relax and enjoy!

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