The Secret to Productivity while Working from Home

woman working from home laptopWorking from home? Don’t think you’re exempt from meditating. We working-from-home folks need it more than ever. The doorbell, the phone, the whiff of toast, or dog, scream for your attention distracting you from your memo (do people still write memos?).

Momentum is huge first thing in the morning. It wanes slightly as our stomach gurgles, desperate for nutrition, and plummets as the afternoon lull sets in. We have hours left before the kids burst through the door…prime working time. Good time to meditate. What?!

We mistakenly assume that meditation is only for relaxation. Not only can meditation relax and calm the nervous system, it can also energize the body and boost productivity.

Imagine taking a walk along the wooded path or through the city park after lunch instead of plopping into your hyper-ergonomic chair. Pop your earbuds in so passersby don’t disturb you…this is the time to clear your mind, not socialize. Or focus on the sounds around and let your mind go without focusing on any one thought. Walk slowly, methodically…it’s not a race, it’s a meditation. This is your to do list:

  • As a thought pops into your mind, let it go without focusing on it
  • Let your eyes lose focus slightly, blurring your surroundings (of course while maintaining safety)
  • Mindfully walk by noticing how your foot hits the ground…heel strike, roll to the toe
  • Breathe deeply in and out (if your breathing rate increases, you may be walking too fast)

Try this tomorrow after lunch, and watch as your mood and your productivity skyrocket.

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