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♪ ♪ A Wellness Spin on Jingle Bells ♪ ♪

Rushing through the day
While trying to keep up
Through the hoops I jump
Dragging all the way
Sleep is calling now
Hard to concentrate
How will I make it through today
Without Starbucks right now.


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‘Tis the Season for Stress

We’re all subjected to the same expectations of urgency and cheer during The Season, whether we celebrate the holidays or not. Both can be stressful if you’re not in the flow. So, what can you do to counterbalance the strain?

Here are 15 ways that can help:

Breathe – Take a few long breaths throughout the day. Deep breathing relaxes the body and mind.

Nap – Lie down for 15 minutes to reenergize. Some workplaces have nap rooms. Schools are hopping on board, too.

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Wellness: The Mind-Body Connection

How do you create wellness for yourself?

Wellness is defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

Two words stand out: mind and effort. We generally connect wellness with our physical health. That is a fallacy. The mind-body connection is unequivocal. What we think, what we believe, what we expect all affect how we feel and, therefore, how our bodies feel.

Remember the last time you walked into a meeting unprepared. All eyes on you. You sat down with not much to offer. Oops. You were uncomfortable, embarrassed, awkward. Was your body relaxed and loose? Nope. You were fidgety and tight, maybe even sweating.

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A State of Digital ‘Un’Distraction

zen-stonesI spent Labor Day weekend in a state of forced digital ‘un’distraction. “Refrain from using cell phones in the spa. Please leave them in your locker.” Yikes. I didn’t remember that from last time. I considered the size of my robe pocket and how it would droop with a rectangular silhouette if I slipped it in on the sly. Uh-uh. I slumped away…digitally naked.

It was anxiety-inducing for a few minutes. My phone with its email chimes, calendar dongs and text chirps is at the ready 17-7 (24 hours minus 7 for sleep). The only other time I turn it off is to meditate for 15 minutes during daylight. I am ON. Except at the spa. But here’s what I learned…

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Why Are You Not Meditating?

woman drinking coffee on window sillIf meditating is so good for us, why are many of us not doing it? Time, access, perception and education. We don’t believe that we have 15 minutes in our day to sit down, close our eyes and breathe. Most of us don’t have a Meditation Room in our office buildings. Many are worried what others will think if we meditate. Education is two-fold. I believe that the majority of us either don’t know anything about meditation or don’t believe in its benefits. I’ll briefly address each of these.

Time is a non-argument. Everyone has 15 minutes to sit on a toilet (lid closed) and be quiet.

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Meditation 101

business-meditation-roomsYou do not have to meditate in a Meditation Room. The idea is to simply quiet the mind from the non-stop raucous that we are inundated with. While we commonly consider air, water and noise pollution to be the most obvious and insidious types of pollution, how we pollute our minds may be more pervasive and possibly more severe.

What are you thinking about in any given moment? The balance sheet, the deadline, the afternoon meeting, the kids’ soccer game, the leaky faucet, the massive hole in the yard from the dog. It is non-stop in the brain. We go and go and go. Sometimes, we just need quiet. How do we get it?

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Why Meditate at Work?

Business woman meditating on desk

Why should we meditate at work? To refresh. To energize. To rejuvenate. To clarify. How does meditation bring clarity or energy? Meditation helps quiet the mind.

Often, we’re at work and plugging away at an issue. We think if we just push through, a solution will come. We can’t see the solution because we’re stuck in the problem. We’re furiously working on our issue and a coworker pops in and asks for input on their project. Our cell vibrates (we were smart enough to at least turn the ringer off). The email icon illuminates, indicating three new emails in addition to the 162 we have yet to read

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