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Running Past Park Benches

If we don’t have physical models to show us how to slow down, then we need physical spaces. We need meditation rooms and quiet spaces, indoor and outdoor sanctuaries where there is only one rule and one expectation…to be quiet.

“Melinda Easterling ratifies the hunt for peace in the 21st century.”

I was thrilled to write for Ebenezer Chapel in support of their quest to create an underground quiet and meditative space for visitors to Raleigh, North Carolina for centuries to come. Check out their web site and my blog on why we should all support public quiet spaces (repost below).

Running Past Park Benches

Why do we need quiet spaces? Why not just plop down on a park bench, close our eyes at our desk at work or sit on a chair at home and meditate? Why? Because no one else is doing that. We (those of us who live in the West) don’t live in a culture that says chill, take it easy, slow down. We live in a hyper world. We run passed park benches. We rush to the finish line at work…a finish line that always evades us because there’s another and another. We push ourselves and our partners and our kids at home…

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Critics of Modern Meditation: What Say Ye?

As much as I preach meditation in the workplace, I would be remiss to not address the criticism surrounding Modern Meditation. In a recent article, a long-time meditator and teacher offers the following insight (see quotes below) into what’s wrong with today’s Mindfulness and Meditation Movement (MAMM, let’s make it official):

“So many people seem to be moving narcissistically — conditioned by our culture, doubtless — into self-centered happiness-seeking and quietism, not to mention the use of mindfulness for mere effectiveness.”

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How to Combat Stress in the Short and Long Term

Tightness in your chest, pit in your stomach. Stress! Stress at work. Stress at home. What do you do?

Exercise? Eat better? Good long-term strategies.

What if it’s the middle of the workday and you’re on deadline. Head pounding. No time to go for a walk or to take a long, leisurely lunch break. Ignore the headache, stomachache, backache? Pop a pill?

Might work. At least short term.

What’s a strategy you could use for both the short and long run that doesn’t take a lot of time?

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What Does Meditating at Work Look Like?

Despite what you may think, you can meditate anywhere anytime. But in case you need a visual tour…

corporate meditation rooms

You could meditate on top of your conference room table (but let’s get real).

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When Should I Not Meditate?

You’re fulfilling your resolution to meditate, so you set your phone to buzz every morning at 10:15. Great! However…

Let’s say you’re smack dab in the middle of writing bullets for next week’s presentation, the ideas are flowing, you’re in your groove, BUZZ (Alarm: Time to Meditate). DON’T MEDITATE! Don’t stop your flow, keep writing, meditate in an hour or at lunch. This is not procrastinating. Meditating is often used for stress reduction or clearing the mind, to improve relaxation, focus and productivity. But if you’re already in your zone of focus, creativity and productivity, DON’T STOP.

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Wellness-at-Work Lasagna

All companies should have this Wellness Lasagna Mantra on their wall…and live by it (order not important):

Are Smart Drugs the Answer for You?

Want a competitive edge? Want a boost of energy, enhanced focus and productivity, stamina and clarity? Smart drugs may be the answer. Or maybe not…

Smart drugs are taking the tech and startup scene by storm. No longer are these nootropics a whisper; they are front and center and pushers promise to give you a leg up.

For now, I’m not going to weigh in on the topic except to say there’s something even better.

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In Medicine and in Business Doctors and Bosses Hold the Key to Real Change

What if a visit to the doctor looked like this…

Sally: Dr. Martin, I have headaches all the time; and now I’m depressed.

Doctor (after a full history and exam has revealed no life-threatening issues): Sally, this is what I recommend: Every day, regardless of the weather, spend 30 minutes walking outside and observing the nature around you, eat at least 2 fresh vegetables, drink at least 3 glasses of water, listen to your favorite music for 20 minutes, write 3 things that you’re grateful for, close your eyes and focus only on deep breathing for 15 minutes and have fun with friends at least once per week and come back and see me in 30 days when I know you’ll feel better.

Likewise, what if a visit to your boss looked like this…

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Personal Wellness in 2015: How Does It Look?

Happy New Year!

As a wellness advocate, I would be remiss if I did not offer my vision for personal wellness for ALL in 2015, so here goes…

I will move my body more.

I will enjoy my body more.

I will spend more time outside.

I will drink more water.

I will eat more fruits and vegetables.

I will enjoy the food I eat more.

I will appreciate my job more.

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